National Lottery mission in a systematic and transparent manner to regulate the quality of the lottery gambling loving public, with the management, operation and to exercise. This is its stakeholders

To ensure protection of and support for the development of society as a whole aim. It is also responsible to ensure corporate social responsibility, safeguard and promote the game is intended. As their vision for its public fair entertainment promote the values ​​of social responsibility to promote transparency as to better develop their business and the good of the entire

In order to optimize the resources you want to be able to continue to evolve in society. On 19 March 2015 of $ 160 million for the betterment of the society’s report that was raised from the National Lottery Bond.

A main purpose of the Myanmar National Lottery wide audience entertainment

An exciting game with a wide variety. The point of a bayonet, to fight against excessive gambling behavior and responsible, urged all its players to play. In order to be fair and responsible gaming, the Myanmar National Lottery is always responsible gaming training for its staff and dealers, appropriate public education about responsible gambling and to include updated its purpose, and even promotes gambling as a leisure activity, healthy recreation of ancient More freedom. “There was this commitment to the players and their integrity, credibility and ensure a high degree of security are followed.

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